Fires & Quakes

Featuring stories by writers Christi R. Suzanne, Anne ONeill, Steven Lohse, and Gregg Kleiner; performed by actors Jon Farley, Gabriella Kirby, David Caldwell and Amber Bogdewiecz. This event was hosted at Literary Arts on October 21st, 2017.
We are waiting to hear if our stories were selected to be part of The Archive Project again this time. Until then, we’ll hold off publishing the recordings and we’ll update this site as soon as we know. Enjoy!


The Match Book Room
by Christi R. Suzanne

What I wanted to tell you about was Grin. How she collected matchbooks and how it’s a dying art form. Her full name was Grinalda. She’d inherited her father’s modest collection when she was 25. At first, she didn’t like me, thought I was a know-it-all. Most people would agree with her, but I learned to soften my delivery, how to stop being didactic after a couple of shots of Four Roses whiskey. I liked it on the rocks and without flourish, but you don’t care about that. 

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What We Burned And Why
by Steven Lohse

You knew Mom was tired because she burned the fishsticks at dinner and then nobody did the dishes up afterward, and you knew that our Dad was ticked off because he was sitting all alone watching TV in the living room deep in his chair and scratching the label off of a beer bottle with his big meaty thumbnail. 
I hung around because Mom had said I could watch All Dogs Go To Heaven. But Dad didn’t budge.

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by Anne ONeill

I remember most vividly the campfires in the South Park blocks after the earthquake. I have had to work to save this good memory, so I don’t sink into a depression for all the pain and loss. My favorite was a medium sized campfire where the tree branches opened, between the sports facility and PSU library’s gently-arching facade. It was a well-tended fire that radiated a warm glow and flashed small bright flames; built and tended by experienced campers, no doubt. I was grateful to be among them.

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Tell Me About Yours
by Gregg Kleiner

He is seventeen, a senior, and she a year younger, and neither of them have ever before gone out with anyone, for reasons that are obvious. But he’d worked up his courage and asked if she would join him for a walk in one of his favorite places, and he is now driving with her in his pickup truck on the narrow, blacktop road that snakes up the canyon west out of town to where it passes an old apple orchard. 

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