Raining Words on Portland

About Liars’ League PDX

Liars’ League was founded in London, and from there spread to New York City, Hong Kong, and now Portland, Oregon. All of us Liars’ Leagues are devoted to showcasing great new writing and talented local performers to savvy audiences like you. Become one of us. We know you can tell lies with the best of them.

How It Works

We call upon writers to submit thought-provoking and emotionally engaging short fiction. Each event is themed, and the writing should evoke those themes. We read the stories, select a handful of manuscripts for the event, and then cast an actor to read each one. Actors rehearse their performance, and we invite the arts-loving public to the show to experience this creative collaboration live.

Want to write for the League?

If you have a yearning to be a Liars’ League PDX writer, submit a story! See our submission guidelines. Stories should be short and tight (800-2,500 words), reflect our chosen theme, and not yet published. Liars’ League will select 4-5 stories to be performed at each show.

Would you like to perform with us?

Our actors are all professionally trained and from the Portland area. If you live close by and are interested in joining Liars’ League PDX, contact us by sending a headshot and resume telling a little about yourself to actors@liarsleaguepdx.com.

Want to see the show?

Become part of our live audience! It’s free! Check our schedule for upcoming shows. Performances begin at 7 pm in The Studio at Literary Arts, 925 SW Washington St. Portland, OR 97205, in downtown Portland, close to the Max, bus lines, and SmartPark. Shows typically run between 90 to 120 minutes.

Did we mention it’s free?

There’s no admission fee for attending, and no monetary compensation offered for the writers and the actors. We all do this for the love of good stories. And that’s no lie.